Pilot Whales La Palma 2

Whale Watching In La Palma

We went whale watching with Fancy II whale watching. Not the cheapest, but it was longer than most and went further south down the island of La Palma.

I felt great for about 40 minutes, but all we could see were Portuguese man-o-war on the surface. The boat then suddenly stops and a pod of dolphins appears. I dive down to the observation area in the boom of the boat; fantastic view, you could not ask for better. Problem is it made me feel very sea sick, the boss was fine, and made sure as usual to let me know by eating with relish the ships food. She joked on with a French gent whose wife felt the same as me.

dolphins la palma

The boat moved on, 30 minutes later, Pilot Whales, I fought my sickness and I went down to the boon again, best view imaginable I was so impressed. Returning to the deck, I held my head in my hands and simpered.

That would have been enough for me, I wanted out! But the boat proceeded south to find another pod of whales. This pod was bigger, my interest was severely sapped by my condition. I was not alone, others could barely move with sickness and had their heads covered, there was some signs of vomit.

An hour later in true time, an eternity in my mind, we returned to a bay at Tazacorte with the opportunity to get out and swim or snorkel. I jumped out of the boat as soon at I could regardless of the chill to the water! The snorkelling was pretty poor, not much to see here the water was too churned up.

It is a good trip, I am glad we did it, but I cannot look at whale trip boats now and the fanciful idea of getting a yacht to sail in the med has all but vanished, unless we kept it in a dry dock.

dolphins scratching their backs la-palma caldera from the sea pilot whales and the caldera la palma pilot whales la palma pilot whales la palma

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