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La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

Due to its very hilly landscape, and therefore, lack of international airport, the island of La Gomera in the Canaries is less well known than its popular neighbours. As such, although it certainly isn’t untouched by tourism, it has a much more low key, less invasive impact on the local environment and way of life for the inhabitants of the island than in the standard tourist traps of the Canaries.

The 3 main conurbations on the island are the capital, San Sebastian in the East, Playa de Santiago in the South, and Valle Gran Rey in the West. These are pretty much the only places flat enough to build on around the coast, as La Gomera is basically one giant hill. There are many traditional villages up in the hills of the interior, notably Hermigua and Vallehermoso, known for the beauty of their natural surroundings and spectacular views of the Garajonay National Park, which act as a beacon for dedicated hikers the world over.

Valle Gran Rey

Staying in a semi hippy, semi middle aged German resort, love it, no chip shops. Scenery stunning, cliffs all around.

San Sebastian

2 days in San Sebastion and we find a fiesta. Like this place, mental note, revisit.

El Guro Waterfall Walk

Trudged up a stream over an assault course to get to a waterfall. Lots of hippies selling craft stuff on the way. Good lifestyle.

Valle Gran Rey Snorkelling

Final day at Valle Gran Rey, the water here is now nearly clear.