Our Transmediterranea Ferry From Santa Cruz To La Palma

Ferries In The Canary Islands

Whilst island hopping around Greece is a well-known and documented phenomenon, the Canaries offer an interesting alternative during the winter. If travelling out of peak season (we flew out on 10th January) flights out from the UK can be ridiculously cheap. For example, at the time of purchase, flying to and from the Canaries from the UK cost less than a return train journey from Newcastle to London, a situation which I find quite bonkers. Likewise, if you stay in places that are slightly less touristy, or on the edge of town, and stick to self-catering accommodation, its quite possible to spend 4 weeks away in the Canaries for the same price as a week in London. It wasn’t a difficult decision for us, especially with the added bonus of leaving a cold northeastern winter behind.

Our trip involved flying to Gran Canaria, then ferries to Tenerife and on from there to La Palma, and finally back to Tenerife to catch our return flight. There are various different ferry routes/companies operating in the Canaries, and if you are prepared to hop on buses to different ports, you can pretty much get anywhere.

The ferry we took from Gran Canaria to Tenerife was from Agaete to Santa Cruz de Tenerife run by Fred Olsen. An added bonus is the free bus run by Fred Olsen to the ferry port from Las Palmas. This isn’t advertised if you book your ferry through in intermediary company like Direct Ferries, but if you pop into the Fred Olsen office at Santa Catalina in Las Palmas they can give you the details. This crossing is quick, (1 hour, 20 mins), regular and offers a daily service.

If travelling from Tenerife to La Palma the most common route is from Los Cristianos to Santa Cruz de la Palma, run by Naviera Armas. If you are in the north of Tenerife though, you can, like we did, also pick up the weekly sailing by Transmediterranea from Santa Cruz de la Tenerife to Santa Cruz de La Palma. This is a night crossing so you save on accommodation costs too. The cost of the journey plus cabin was just over £70 for two, so very cheap too. That said, the sea was quite choppy and we didn’t get a wink of sleep, but nevertheless it was more of an adventure.

our transmediterranea ferry from santa cruz to la palma empty transmediterranea ferry ferry leaving santa cruz los cristianos on the ferry back from la palma

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Huge overnight ferry from Santa Cruz to Santa Cruz! Tenerife to La Palma. Almost empty.

Buses Taxis Car Hire

First time in years I grew a backbone and hired a car to drive round in La Palma. Great choice. Taxis are too bloody expensive here.

More From Canary Islands

Los Llanos

Staying in Los Llanos De Aaridane again. This is I think our favourite town in the Canary Islands. So laid back.

Whale Watching Tazacorte

Went whale watching today. Loved the first hour. Felt sea sick, still feel like I'm going up and down with the boat on dry land.

Fuencaliente To Los Llanos De Aridance Walk

It was a bus from Los Llanos to Los Canarios today to climb up a hill at the end. Too cloudy up top though so we walked back, 25km; my feet hurt!

Santa Cruz Las Teresitas Snorkelling

Needed a swim today, so hopped on a bus to Teresitas. Beautiful spot. Not much to see underwater but good swimming. Now for a lager.

Los Cancajos Snorkelling

This was a surprise, this is a great place to snorkel, red crabs on the rocks.

Los Cancajos

Staying in a winter retirement village for few day, and boy do we feel young!

Valle Gran Rey

Staying in a semi hippy, semi middle aged German resort, love it, no chip shops. Scenery stunning, cliffs all around.

El Guro Waterfall Walk

Trudged up a stream over an assault course to get to a waterfall. Lots of hippies selling craft stuff on the way. Good lifestyle.


Huge overnight ferry from Santa Cruz to Santa Cruz! Tenerife to La Palma. Almost empty.

Buses Taxis Car Hire

First time in years I grew a backbone and hired a car to drive round in La Palma. Great choice. Taxis are too bloody expensive here.

Las Galletas Snorkelling

Stuck in this place for a few days waiting for a ferry to somewhere nicer. Swimming is OK, the town need work.

Las Palmas

Visited more pharmacies than restaurants, searching for Spanish treatments for man flu. Gripe del hombre (it does not translate)

Las Palmas Snorkelling

Man flu, I have man flu, all this way to snorkel here and I feel shit. Still I went in with my wetsuit on. diving was painful!

Tazacorte And Snorkelling

Sea is quite calm here today but the water is still too murky to see anything much snorkelling.

Puerto De La Cruz

liking it in Puerto de la Cruz. It is not like the beach resorts of the south, it is much more interesting, but not at warm!

Playa Blanca

A bus through a lunar landscape to Playa Blanca, enjoying here, bit windy mind you.

Playa Blanca Snorkelling

Ended up absolutely freezing having swam with a large cuttle fish in one of the bays here in Playa Blanca. Fabulous. But my hands went white.

Caldera De Taburiente Walk

Didn't do the caldera walk last year, came back to do it this year. Well worth it. Earned a beer!

Valle Gran Rey Snorkelling

Final day at Valle Gran Rey, the water here is now nearly clear.

San Sebastian

2 days in San Sebastion and we find a fiesta. Like this place, mental note, revisit.

Good Accomodation La Palma

Found a couple of great apartments in La Palma, and few bad ones.

El Pilar Walk

quick strole in the hills now, well that was the plan, turned into quite a hike.


Booking for 4 days here in January was a mistake. Weather very bad and stuck in a Csar Manrique style, uncomfortable accommodation. We are leaving early, sod the money.

Santa Cruz

Here again in Santa Cruz waiting for a ferry. Nice place to spend a few days. Good food and a great beach.

Good Accomodation Las Palmas

Back in our old apartment from last year, much better than the hole we just stayed in near Las Canteras beach.


Adorably cute little fishing village on the north coast of Lanzarote. No boozy Brits here, Orzola was as a pleasant surprise.

Orzola Snorkelling

Found a nice little spot to snorkel, about 1km to the east of Orzola ina little bay, bery interesting rock formations above and below water.