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Cala San Vincente

Cala San Vincente is a picturesque little village on the north coast of Majorca, just down the road from the more popular Alcudia and Puerto Pollensa. Made up of a few small beaches, a few hotels, shops and cafes, there is not much to it, but if you are looking for sun, sea and relaxation, it’s a great place to park yourself for a week or so. We have never stayed here, but over the years have had many a day trip to the resort, what with it being perfect walking distance from Puerto Pollensa.

If coming in from the eastern road (which is a dead end but joins the footpath from Puerto Pollensa), the first beach you come to, as you climb down the hill, is before you enter the village. To call it a beach is probably a little misleading; it is more a collection of rocks from which you can clamber into the sea. The rocks are fairly comfortable though, and at certain times of the day, there is plenty of shade if you are looking to escape from the sun.

Continuing down the road, you enter the village, which can be divided into 2 parts; the valley, and up the hill. The valley part of town includes the most popular beach, the main bus stop, and a few cafes and shops. If walking from Puerto Pollensa its worth checking the return bus timetable, as the service is not that regular. The beach itself is a narrow cove with little shade, although you can rent a deckchair and there is a beach bar here too, in case you want to get out of the sun for a while. There are also some fairly grotty public toilets here, the only ones in town. The beach is sandy bottomed so water is beautiful and clear, although the waves can be surprisingly big here, even on a calm day.

To get to the other main beach you can either walk along the coastal road, or climb up a big set of stairs that take you up the hill into the other part of town, which contains a few more shops and restaurants, along with a few hotels. Once up, you then climb down again to the beach, which as a spectacularly ugly hotel as its backdrop. As long as you look out to sea, the views are very pretty. There’s a bit more shade on this beach, but less facilities. It is a little bit more sheltered too, so if the waves are too huge for swimming on the other beach, pop round to this one, and you might have better luck.

We’ve been to a few of the restaurants in the town; nothing fancy, but good quality and reasonably priced. There is one in the hill part of town, above a shop with an outside terrace opposite the entrance to the beach. I can’t remember its name but can confirm it does a mean omelette, chips and salad.

In summary, Cala San Vincente is a pretty little place, with some nice beaches and good value food; not wildly exciting and quite sleepy but if you just want to chill out and slow down, then this is as good a place as any.

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Cala San Vincente

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We got a bit bored so wandered over the hill to Cala San Vincente for a swim instead. It is wonderful. Deep clear blue water.

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