Boquer Valley Towards Peurto Pollenca

Boquer Valley Walk

Every time we visit this area in Majorca, we or certainly I have to walk along the Boquer Valley. Regardless of the temperature it is a must. It is not that long, maybe a 4 or 5 mile round trip from the centre of Puerto Pollenca, but you should still take plenty of water with you as it can be very hot and there are no refreshments on the walk, unless you are adept at milking goats.

For me what makes the walk special are the shapes of the enormous cliffs to the left on the way out along the valley. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that they are on the right on the way back! Another import aspect of this walk is the bay at the end and the deserted cobbled beach, deserted but for old goats like me and the four-legged variety you may have milked for refreshment.

The walk starts off the main Puerto Pollenca bypass, it is not hard to find and there is a little car park at the bottom. You walk up the hill and come to big locked iron gate, do not be put off. Inset into this gate there is another gate, which you can walk through. You walk past a few buildings on the right and through another gate and you are on the main path.

It is easy going in the first instance, but as you get closer to the bay the path is tougher going and requires sensible shoes or boots. Don’t go in flip-flops unless you are a cocky teenager with a desire to see the inside of the A&E at Inca.

The bay at the end is great for a swim or snorkel, but is often infested with stinging jelly fish, they do not bother me too much but I have seen others rush out of the water with a scream, scaring the goats off.

bay boquer valley boquer valley goats boquer walk peurto polenca view from boquer walk

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